2 August 2009


there's an old factory quite close to my house, its down the road and next to some woods, it was an ammunition factory im sure during world war 2 or something like that and its still there, they're taking it all down soon and doing something else with it but at the moment its just all derelict and empty. its always been a fascination and an obsession to see if i could get inside without getting caught as they patrol the area and getting caught wouldnt be good, i dont know what theyd do exactly but you can get fined and arrested or whatever
i went in on christmas day this year when i was having a walk because i didnt have much to do and i broke off a bit of the fence and managed to slip through, i took some pictures but they didnt turn out on my disposable camera, if the fence gets broken they usually notice it and fix it within a few weeks or something
i walk past the factory almost every day as its by the walk to the train station and i always check the fence now and then, and i found a rusty part of it that would be easily broken and small enough for the petite pair - me and hailey to get through
it was pitch dark but amazing, scarey aswell tho, a patrol car went past at one point and we had to duck in the grass which was thankfully long enough to cover us, it was so noisey everywhere you stepped because you didnt know what you were going to step on next, it would have been too easy to get lost in it